How to report hate incidents or hate crimes?

Criminal Law

You can report hate incidents or hate crimes to the police if you have witnessed or known someone who has.

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You can either contact the police directly or use the online Police Scotland form. You may also find local organizations that can assist you in reporting the crime or incident.

Police Scotland: Reporting

Online reporting of hate incidents or crimes can be done through the Police Scotland website. Non-urgent hate crimes can be reported online using a reporting form. After you have completed the online form, it will be sent directly to the police department.

It is important to provide as much information as possible. This will help the police to better handle your case. You must provide the police with your contact information and the best time for you to reach them.

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You will need to declare that you are reporting the incident for someone else.

You can request that the police contact you via someone you trust, who has also agreed to give your details. Your contact information will still be required.

If you have been attacked or witness a hate crime, this is useful information that you should include in your application

You can find the reporting forms that will tell you the information you must give to the police in order to report hate crimes. These are additional tips for useful information you should include:

Names and addresses of witnesses.

It’s helpful to provide general information about the offender, such as his age, height, build and ethnicity. You should also remember specific features, such as:

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  • hair colour
  • Glasses
  • Jewellery or Piercing
  • Tattoos
  • facial hair
  • A particular accent
  • Teeth
  • Scars
  • Birth marks

You may have noticed stickers, sunshades, or car seats on a vehicle if it was involved. Is the car new or old? Were there any other signs or marks of damage to the car?

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If you were responsible for property damage, it is important to describe the loss or damage as well as the cost involved. To show police, you can also take photographs of the damage.