Top Five Mistakes When Making a Public Liability Claim


Enduring a non-fault personal injury takes both physical and mental tolls on victims.

However, going through the claims process should never add to your stress.

To ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible, and to make sure you get all the compensation you deserve, be careful not to make these common public liability claim mistakes:

Forgetting to keep key evidence safe

Being the victim of an accident is never easy. Of course, it is crucial that you look after yourself and seek the medical attention you need.

However, the next thing you should do after this is gather evidence, as it will help you get what you deserve in the long run.

This is because claimants need to prove that someone else’s negligence caused their accident. The most ideal forms of evidence will document the scene of the accident itself – if you are in a position to, take multiple pictures and videos on your phone.

Also, try to speak to any witnesses of the accident because it’s harder to get valuable information from them further down the line.

Not keeping records of your financial losses

As previously noted, evidence is crucial when making a public liability claim. Evidence is not only needed to prove your entitlement, it is used to prove the losses for which you are claiming compensation for.

Therefore, whenever you or a friend/relative have to pay for something related to your accident in any way, you should document it. Keep receipts safe.

This goes for small costs, as well as the potential big expenses. Make note of how much you have had to pay for hospital parking, for example, as well as any loss of earnings from having to take time off work. They’re all payments that you are entitled to get back when conducting your personal injury claim.

Settling a claim without medical evidence

Some insurers will offer a sum of compensation money immediately, before they have seen the medical evidence of your injuries.

The aim of these pre medical offers is to save the insurance company money and reduce the time it takes to receive pay out.

However, settling a personal injury claim like this will almost always guarantee that you won’t receive what you’re entitled to. So, approach these offers with caution or avoid them completely.

Not telling your lawyer about the mental/psychological side of your injury

Oftentimes, the psychological aspect of injuries is overlooked. However, for many, it can be the most challenging ordeal of the process.

Are you more anxious in public? Having nightmares? Or perhaps you have become more reserved?

All of these feelings are negative effects from your injury, and should never be ignored. Injuries that are psychological are just another form of harm that accidents can cause.

They should therefore be accounted for in your personal injury claim award. It’s important to tell the doctors and your legal representatives about any mental trauma to make sure it’s documented.

Claiming with a solicitor firm that’s not right for you

It’s your case, so there is nothing wrong with choosing your own solicitor.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, like if you can meet your solicitor, if they are qualified, or if they can offer you legal advice.

George Edwards, Personal Injury Specialist at Winn Solicitors explains the importance of supportive liability claim services:

“Having a non-fault accident in a public area can be an extremely stressful situation. From the initial injury to having to take time off work, an accident can have far reaching effects on your day-to-day to life. People often avoid making a claim because they are often not aware that they can bring a claim, or are unaware how straightforward the claims process can be.

“If you have suffered an injury and you deserve compensation, Winn Solicitors can help you make a personal injury claim.”

If you’re looking for support in public liability claims, get in touch with Winn Solicitors today.

With a dedicated team of legal specialists in public liability claims, they can give you the support you need, and help you achieve the personal injury claim compensation you deserve without the stress.