Looking for Business Law Firm in Lithuania? 3 Tips to Consider


With so many law firms, finding the perfect match for your business needs can be challenging. Not to mention looking for specialists abroad. Whether you’re a startup or an established business related to the Lithuanian market, its companies, specialists or investors, an experienced and reputable local law firm can help you navigate the complexities of the unfamiliar foreign legal system and protect your business interests. Read on and learn 3 helpful tips when choosing a business law firm in Lithuania and, in general, abroad.

Consider a Strategically Convenient Location

When looking for a law firm in Lithuania, consider its office location. Location determines how easy it’ll be to meet with attorneys – schedule appointments together with your colleagues, partners or investors and attend meetings on time. Even though it’s not a big country, a strategically convenient location saves time and money.

Obviously, most of the international companies or their divisions are in the biggest cities of Lithuania, for instance, the capital Vilnius. If that’s your case and you know there’s a need for face-to-face interactions and frequent meetings, a corporate law firm in Vilnius might be what you’re looking for. Capital has an airport and convenient transportation system, so if you have business meetings with lawyers here, you’ll save some time and travelling expenses.

Assess Various Corporate Law Fields Services

Another critical factor is the variety of services a business law firm offers. Business law covers many legal questions in different fields – tax, data protection, employment law, intellectual property, disputes, competition, etc. Therefore, look for a law firm that gathers experts specializing in different law fields. Needless to say, it’s way easier to communicate with one company rather than consult with different ones, especially abroad. A law firm providing comprehensive legal services can help businesses save time, money, and effort.

Look for Proven Experience in Relevant Fields (International Cases)

When looking for a team of legal experts abroad, it is essential to consider proven experience solving similar legal  questions or cases. If you’re looking for corporate lawyers abroad, chances are you’re running or representing an international company. So, you’ll likely have to navigate complex international laws and regulations. In this case, a law firm with international experience can provide valuable insights and advise on cross-border transactions, international trade, and investment.

International experience is significantly beneficial in negotiating contracts and resolving disputes that involve multiple jurisdictions. Such firms may also have established relationships with foreign law firms, which can be advantageous in providing clients with the most efficient and effective legal services. Overall, experts not limited to local cases maintain continuous interest in legal news and updates at the international level.

Reputation and authority in relevant law fields are essential too. Therefore, check the reviews and lawyers’ communication in public sources and, once again – look over the cases they’ve worked on.

Finally, smooth communication in relevant languages is a must. You want someone to have a full-fledged and in-depth discussion without the help of translators. A simple way to get the first impression is to look over the service provider’s website and see how and in what languages they communicate, how they present their services, and whether specialists share more in-depth insights on relevant topics. If you have a few candidates in mind, the best way to make the right decision might be to contact them and discuss your needs.