Practical Legal Advice in a Podcast

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Practical Legal Advice in a Podcast

If you have questions about the law, or any practice, where do you turn? You can find legal professionals blogs at FindLaw, of course. Blogs aside, the best advice you will get is often from your colleagues, the expert down the hall.

These conversations are the inspiration behind a new podcast called “Thomson Reuters – Down the Hall With Practical Law”. (Disclosure: Thomson Reuters, FindLaw’s parent company, is Thomson Reuters. “Down the Hall,” a program that encourages informal knowledge sharing, is not limited to a hall and your own experts. It takes just a few minutes, and you only need a pair headphones.

Practical Law and Practical Podcasts

“Down the Hall with Practical Law” launched last Wednesday. Three podcasts are already “on the air”. Renee Karibi-Whyte hosts the podcast as part of the Legal Talk Network. She is a smooth-voiced director at Thomson Reuters’ Legal Know-How Group.

Here’s the description of the podcast:

What do treatises, case law and Google have in common? You won’t find any other way to get answers faster than going down the hall and talking with an expert. Practical Law will be hosting a panel of in-house and law firm law department leaders, as well as Practical Law’s editorial team. They will discuss plain English “What do I really want to know?” Discussions and insights on the most current legal topics. There is no legalese, just expertise.

It’s great to talk to experts down the hall

Each episode features Karibi-Whyte speaking with experts from Practical Law. This Thomson Reuters collection includes legal solutions for law firms as well as in-house legal departments. So far “Down the Hall”, has covered:

  • Hot Topics in Employee Handbooks
  • Privacy and Data Security: Understanding The Legal Landscape
  • Top Legal Mistakes Startups Can’t Avoid

Conversation is the key to “Down the Hall.” These are not lectures, CLEs, or recitations on black letter law. They’re friendly conversations about matters that matter to lawyers (and clients). They are informal, friendly, informative. Karibi-Whyte talks with Joe Green, a startup and venture capital expert. They discuss everything from corporate structuring to jokes about startup names. “Down the Hall”, whether you love podcasts, talk radio or just simple expertise, is well worth checking out.