New road laws to watch out for

Road Laws

Vehicle owners must stay up-to-date with the most up-to-date road laws and updates related to MOT certification processes enacted through The Department of Transport or risk facing stiff fines, penalties or even jail time.

Learner drivers – permitted to begin taking lessons at the speedway for the very first time with an accredited driving instructor.

Drivers should keep cyclists in mind, particularly when overtaking them, to allow enough space between your vehicle and them as they travel through. According to Highway Code regulations, motorists may face penalties of £100 when failing to allow enough room for cyclists as they pass. According to the Highway Code guidelines, motorists should allow at least 1.5m (4.9ft). This space approximates roughly the width of a typical doorway into a car.

Closed lanes: Drivers found operating within closed motorway lanes may face arrest by traffic police and will incur a £100 fine and three penalty points on their license for breach. Road cameras help police catch these drivers.

License Scheme: Graduated licenses for drivers new to driving are being thoroughly examined across Northern Ireland in an effort to address a variety of offenses, such as using mobile phones while driving. This will result in stiffer penalties for those with two years+ on their licenses.

Studies by RAC indicate that as much as one-quarter of newly certified drivers become involved in an accident within their first two years on roads – leading to over 400 young UK drivers suffering fatal or severe injuries annually. Although no nationwide scheme has yet been implemented by the government to decrease this rate of accidents in its initial years on the road.

Drivers of vans should be aware that law imposes an upper limit on how long one may spend driving their van each day; 11 hours total and only 10 of that can actually involve driving time.

As per Business Vans regulations, drivers who violate the law could face either a £300 penalty fine or prison time.