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Legal advice may be necessary to help you resolve a problem. A legal advisor who specializes in your issue, such as a solicitor or another organization, can help you. Although hiring a solicitor can be costly, you might still qualify for legal cost reimbursement.

This page provides an overview of the legal support that is available for you to go to court. It also explains where to find advice.

You can’t get help from Legal Advice anyone else

It is not necessary to seek legal advice if you require legal assistance or advice in order to resolve a problem. Your local parenting advice center may be able or willing to help you solve the problem. You may be eligible for free assistance from the Citizens Advice Bureau, a local housing advice centre, or a legal centre. Law centres and some advice centres are staffed with solicitors and other specialists and can provide free legal advice.

Even if you need professional legal useful advice. Getting help from your local advisory centre could be a good place. A local adviser can help you decide if a solicitor is necessary. You may be referred to specialist help by them. These may include:

  • Assistance from a specialist organization
  • Free legal advice, such as from your trade union
  • Help with your court case
  • Professionals such as accountants, motoring organizations and trade unions may be able to provide legal advice.

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The right solicitor

You should only hire a lawyer who is experienced in the area you require. It is also worth checking whether the solicitor accepts A Solicitor cases that are funded by legal aid. Not all firms do this. The Law Society of Scotland website can help you find a lawyer. It doesn’t matter if you know the name of the firm that you wish to use. You can search by topic and location.

  • There are other ways to handle a legal issue
  • Alternative dispute resolution options such as arbitration, mediation or ombudsman can be more cost-effective and quicker for some situations.
  • Special schemes are available for consumer cases to help traders outside of court.
  • Going to court without legal assistance

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It might be beneficial to talk to a lay representative if you are deciding to take legal action. If you are going to bring a case to court, you should be aware what problems might arise. These issues can be discussed with your local Citizens caree advice Bureau.

  • It is possible that you decide to go it alone. These are just a few reasons you might choose to take this route of action.
  • You were told that your case is not merit-based, so you cannot get legal aid
  • No one could be your lay representative
  • You have an In-court Advisor Service in your locality which can be very useful
  • Your trade union can offer some assistance, but cannot represent you.

You should verify that the person against whom you are taking legal action can actually pay you what you claim. You should consider whether they are able to pay you if they have financial problems.

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