What are the most common Car Accidents that result from a pedestrian accident?

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According to research, pedestrians are at risk of being hit by cars while crossing the road. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about 6 to 7 000 pedestrians died in traffic-related accidents and non-traffic incidents in the year 2020. A significant number of pedestrians were seriously injured during accidents.

No doubt accidents give a catastrophic experience. The victim experiences shock and endures a lot of pain from physical trauma, emotional and mental stress, lost wages and financial loss since they spend a significant amount of money on medical expenses. But, each day we go out to school, to bus stops, to nearby shopping centers or parks and we cross the roads to reach our destination. Sometimes , accidents happen as a result of negligence by the driver.

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You or a loved one have suffered because of the negligence of someone else. Get in touch with a California Personal Injury Lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer will assist you in pursuing action against the wrongdoers and seek damages.

Some Of The Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Car accidents cause trauma in circumstances. The victim, who is a pedestrian, faces severe injuries when a car driver hits him hard. The victim may be afflicted with head bleeding, head injuries, multiple fractures and other internal and external injuries.

Let me discuss the most frequent reasons for pedestrian accidents. Knowing the causes will allow you to save your and other lives .

Distracted Driving Distraction driving is among of the most common causes of pedestrian injuries. The life of pedestrians can be endangered by a slight disconnection of the driver. Distraction happens due to

  • Phone ringing
  • Unanimity with a different passenger in the car
  • You suddenly notice something on your right or left side.
  • Changing music
  • Consuming food or drinks.
  • Accelerating

Speeding a car at a high speeds can lead to an accident. Speed driving can make it difficult to apply the brake in the event of an emergency.

Drunk Driving

If the driver is drunk the odds of an accident are higher. The drunk driver may hit the pedestrian because they lose control of the car. He’s unable to control his thoughts and reacts to extreme situations.

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Bad Weather

Bad weather conditions can cause accidents. The pedestrian should also stay at home in bad weather but sometimes while out, he may be in danger of an accident. The driver may become blinded by bad weather conditions like rain, snow or windy conditions, which could make it difficult for him to discern the pedestrian.

Wearing Dark Colors at Night or poor visibility

A variety of factors can affect visibility on roads like dim street lights or the headlights of the vehicle. Although there could be some light issues at night, it’s possible that drivers aren’t able to notice pedestrians walking across the road and then strike them.

Road Construction

When roads are being constructed, people use alternative ways to cross roads. Drivers do not think about pedestrians that are walking across the road. This causes an accident.

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Do not ignore traffic signals

Drivers who ignore the traffic signals and speed at the red light are likely to be assessed a fine. This can result in more severe and sudden accidents.

Improperly Crossing The Road

Sometimes, pedestrians also make a mistake while crossing the street. They don’t pay attention everywhere or not wait for the car to pass. Sometimes, they cross the street in an unsafe manner, which can lead to accidents.

Claiming For Compensation If You Were Injured As A Pedestrian

If you’re a pedestrian and you’re the victim of an auto accident caused by the negligence of another driver, you are entitled to seek compensation. You are entitled to claim compensation for

  • Medical bills
  • Lost Wages,
  • Financial Loss
  • Also, you can claim mental and emotional pain.

However, if your loved one has died because of the inattention of a driver at fault, then you can claim for the negligent death of your loved one.

Bottom Line

While pedestrian injuries can be caused by many factors but negligence by drivers is most often the main factor. As a result, the victim suffers emotionally, physically, and financially. A California Personal Injury Lawyer will help victims to obtain compensation for all their losses. Your lawyer will research the incident, collect genuine evidence needed to make the case strong and defend your rights. He will also claim against the insurance company of the driver at fault and try to make a fair settlement. In addition, he’ll do all the documentation work for you, and also represent you in the court. He will fight for you till you win the case.