Cold Calling Tips & Techniques

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To Help You Win Big In 2022

How much do you know about cold-calling? You’ve probably heard that cold calling is a bad idea. The only people you should make are those to your loved ones. It’s true. But we’ll show you how to mix the old and new. Even if you don’t think you are a good cold-caller, we’ll show you proven methods to increase sales.

This post is designed to speed up sales, increase clientele and make you more money in your business.

There are two kinds of people in this world. There are people who live their lives in blissful happiness. There are those who feel like their life is a blur, that they’re stuck in a rut or that their performance is below the average. Many of us believe we can’t win in this game of life.

Despite what many would like you to believe, cold calling is still viable in 2022. Here’s the latest cold-calling advice.

Let’s take a look at a real-life example:

‘Good day, Ms. XYZ. This is company Y. We are working to simplify delivery operations for businesses. Do you have any questions?

The natural reaction of a recipient to these words is to roll their eyes and hang on.


  • Cold phoning is a wasteful use of your time.
  • And, look, I understand. You despise making cold calls. Everyone does it.
  • Except for those salesmen who use it to make millions in real sales.

Surprises are something that no one likes. Nobody likes to be surprised and forced into a conversation they didn’t expect. Cold calling can be considered a violation of prospect privacy by some. Cold calling continues to be a successful way to increase sales for some reason.

In this post I will explain why cold calling has lasted the test of time. Also, I will share my top cold calling tips and methods to increase your win rates.

This essay was inspired by a semi-controversial LinkedIn conversation.

What is Cold Calling?

Cold calling is when sales reps contact potential customers who are not interested in the products or services being offered. Cold calling is the act of soliciting prospects through phone or in-person channels without any prior interaction.

  • Cold calling evolved from a simple form of giving to a targeted sales communication tool.
  • Simply put, salespeople must target the right prospects to increase their success.
  • It is difficult to deliver a sales presentation for someone who has never heard about you or your products.
  • Is cold calling legal? Many people ask this question.
  • Absolutely not. It is legal to make cold calls.

On the other hand, different countries have enacted laws and regulations restricting who, what, and when cold calling may be done.

How do you feel about cold calling?

We’ll first go over seven highly successful B2B selling strategies. Next, I will debunk some cold-calling myths.

Here are 9 tips and techniques to make cold calls more effective

  • Accept rejection and not avoid it
  • Focus on immediate learning and not quick sales.
  • Technology can be used to automate tedious tasks.
  • Do not waste anyone’s time, particularly your own.
  • Your scripts should be read as if they were written by an actor and not as a machine.
  • Set up a call time that is convenient for you.
  • Send the request and follow up with the necessary actions.
  • Learn how to leave helpful voicemails
  • Living at the intersection between quality and quantity is what you should do.

It’s hard to believe that cold calling is still an option despite all the criticism. This is exactly why cold calling can be so helpful to you.

If you are a master at cold calling, you can reach the top of your sales team. Bad cold calling, as with all forms of prospecting, is easy to spot. If you are truly exceptional, you will stand out from the rest. This will make you a success.

This is the foundation you need to close more deals, help more people and make your own income with cold calling.

Accept rejection rather than avoid it

overcoming sales rejection

Rejection is a part of every process, from prospecting to closing, outbound and inbound sales. No one ever closes 100% of their leads.

How to overcome your fear of being rejected

Slack channel “funniest Rejection” may be created where team members can compete for a reward for the most outrageous thing said.

Takeaway #2: Ask why someone is saying no, even if they are polite.

Take into account the following:

I like your honesty. It is difficult for me to know if we can help someone. Would you mind sharing your reasons why you don’t think we can help you in your own education?

Do not try to sell them. Instead, focus on learning.

Actionable Takeaway #3 – Have a practice phone call with a colleague and have them shut down you in the most offensive manner possible. After that, each time you are told no, try to convince yourself that it wasn’t as bad as the rejection.

You don’t want to be told no anymore and you are tired of feeling frustrated by the constant rejection, then read or view testimonials from people who have had positive experiences with your company.

Remember that you are helping others.

Instead of focusing on immediate sales, focus on learning immediately.

Is cold calling still possible?

Cold calling is not something you can do overnight. Make it your mission to learn from every interaction, positive or negative.