Five Benefits of a Real-Estate Lawyer

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Five Benefits of a Real-Estate Laywer

Home buyers who are eager to enter the market for home ownership know that it is one of their most important and rewarding purchases. A wise home buyer will make sure a lawyer is present at all stages of the real estate transaction, especially when property laws are in effect.

A home buyer does not need to have an attorney present when buying a house. A few people make it through the contract process without the assistance of a real agent. A real estate agent can’t make precise assessments of legal terms and procedures. A skilled real estate lawyer is a welcomed addition to this team.

Consultation with an attorney is as beneficial as buying a home.

These are the top reasons to hire a real estate attorney when you’re looking for a ranch house, country cottage or one-story bungalow.


A written contract between buyer and seller may contain many pages of legal jargon and confusing terminology. The real estate lawyer representing the buyer is able to clarify the terms and present a well-written contract that is easily understood by laypeople. A real estate lawyer can ensure that the legal document is signed by the proper signatures.

When selling a home, the purchase agreement is an essential document. A real estate lawyer can help you amend the purchase contract to reflect your wishes for the property.

There are many issues that can be found in a home for sale, including termites, radon, asbestos and lead-based paints. The potential buyer must be informed by an engineer who is hired to find such problems. The buyer may also find hazardous waste in the property. What next? Your lawyer can help you determine the terms that are best for both buyer and seller.

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A lawyer may be able to help a seller if they are under the obligation of paying a lien before selling their home. A skilled real estate lawyer will recommend that the seller lower the initial price. However, the buyer must wait until the lien is fully satisfied. A skilled real estate lawyer may also suggest financing options.

In each case, the attorney has the legal ability to prove that the lien was fulfilled. A lien attached to a property purchased by a buyer is not something a buyer would like to be responsible for.

Closings Real Estate Attorney Palatine IL

The closing will be attended by the title closer, seller, and lender’s attorney. It is confusing for both the seller and buyer. You should bring a real estate attorney with you to the closing. This will help protect your rights as a buyer of a home.

Expect a flurry of disputes over wide-ranging cost adjustments, including fuel and taxes. You will not have a lawyer to assist you in navigating the complex issues surrounding possession and personal property delivery.

In the event that closing does not occur, the real estate lawyer’s knowledge is crucial. The potential home buyer will be left in the dark regarding the down payment. A potential home buyer can also benefit from knowing if the lawyer is able to hold the down payment in an escrow account and the acceptable down payment options.


Real estate fraud is a hot topic. Sellers can con eager homebuyers with fake identities and then snatch the closing funds, leaving the buyer without a roof.

An experienced lawyer will be there to help novice and more experienced home buyers navigate the maze of real estate.

Expert Advice

When purchasing a home, it is important to seek legal advice, especially if the property is in a difficult area. A real estate lawyer is required to provide expertise in areas such as sink holes, unwanted neighboring structures, and zoning issues. A deceased owner may be buying a house. This can create a complicated situation that requires the expertise of a lawyer who will make sure the property is properly probated.

A real estate lawyer can help you if an unexpected circumstance arises, where you have to cancel the contract. The seller might withdraw from the contract and you as the buyer will need to consult a real estate lawyer.

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